Paspourtous is a line born from a feminine need. The essence of the collection is written in its own name.

It is not for everybody. It’s for who looks and can’t find, who wants to feel
comfortable in the intimacy of a bathing suit, who wants to find a feminine elegance made of small details, for who doesn’t want to show off but just be…
Paspourtous searches through old wardrobes of french inspirations, finds unique materials of other times and paints them with powdery and soft tone colors.

In a world that “screams” Paspourtous prefers to whisper, choosing understate colors and light patterns, delicate, melts them with unusual details and submerge them in the poetry of water.
Paspourtous is designed by a group of designers who prefer to be anonymous to let the product speaks for itself.
The line is completely made in Italy to assure the tradition of a certain level of quality to its final customers.
The inspiration although comes from France where Paspourtous takes its own name, a soft provocation symbol of a light nonchalance that allowed a total distance from the typical “diktats” of the commercial world.
Paspourtous has captured the attention of the media through the years and it’s sold in various luxury boutique and concept stores of high end around the world.


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Paspourtous Ltd
Offices A13-A14 Champion Business Park Arrows Brooke Road Wirral
Mersey Side (Uk)
CH49 0AB
+44 (0) 20 8133 1365